About Us

Est. 2021

Our Story

Redsware is a technical and casual sports fashion brand dreamt up on a girl’s road trip by it’s founders Emmelie Scholtens, Rebecca Dudley and Silvy Rutten. Inspired by Emmelie’s retro cool look as a top International sports woman, we wanted to create a brand around that vibe. A brand for modern, sporty and hard-working women that love life and laughter.

Redsware combines sportswear with key fashion statements and a hint of equestrian. It’s a collection that is super versatile and flatters the body.

It’s a collection of luxury qualities and is solely produced in Europe, making our ecological footprint as small as possible. We want to produce clothes for future generations, while trying to protect their future at the same time. We can’t be perfect at this yet, but the more you love us, the more we promise to achieve this.

Redsware is a brand for elite athletes and riders as well as for women who simply love being active and looking fantastic at the same time.

Core Values

Ecological Footprint

We want to try and make this as small as possible by producing in Europe and using as many organic or recycled materials as possible.


Embracing an adventurous and active lifestyle. Never a dull moment!


Respecting the earth and everyone in it.